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Do you have a dream about owning your own home? Tired of renting and paying the landlords mortgage? Need a little help with your downpayment and/or closing costs? Don't miss the opportunity to take advantage of one of the best Buyer's market in history. Thanks to multiple State and Local programs, help is just a click away. As we all know, State and County programs are not just putting anyone into a home. You still must have a steady job and/or consistent income, acceptable credit score, reasonable debt to income ratios, etc. But, if you are serious, I can help!

Feel free to review the information below and call me directly to discuss the different program details and your options for qualifying. Always remember...if you don't have a dream, you can't have a dream come true!!!


The S.H.I.P (State Housing Initiative Partnership) Program - The State of Florida has developed several proactive initiatives to encourage the provision of affordable housing at the local level. One such initiative is the State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) Program, which was created by the William E. Sadowski Affordable Housing Act of 1992. The act establishes a dedicated revenue source to be used by local governments and municipalities to create affordable housing opportunities.

The Florida Housing Bond Program - is another excellent option available for Buyer who live in Orange, Seminole, Lake and Osceola Counties. The program is designed for First-Time Homebuyers (can't have owned a home within the last 3 years). Assistance amount is up to $7,500.00 which can be used for Down Payment and/or Closing Costs. There is a maximum household income limit, but it is quite generous. You must have a minimum credit score of 640 and can only use the funds for Existing Homes, New Construction Homes, Townhomes, and Condo purchases. Please click the link below for more information.

Click here to see a flyer on Bond Program

Orange County Down Payment Assistance Program:

The purpose of Orange County's Down Payment Assistance program is to provide funds to qualified first time homebuyers for down payment and closing costs associated with purchasing a home. The program will provide assistance to qualified very low, low and moderate income persons in Orange County on a first come, first ready basis. The program also requires that potential homebuyers complete a pre-purchase and post-purchase education program. Follow the link below for detailed information including: DPA program overview, application, lender package, guidelines, etc.

Click here to go to Orange County DPA

Lake County Down Payment Assistance Program:

Lake County offers assistance to help low and moderate income households purchase homes. The program is funded through the State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP). The funds can be used for down payments, closing costs and mortgage buydowns for new homes, or for existing homes that have been or will be repaired within twelve months of transfer of title. The maximum purchase price for new and existing homes is $247,387. Up to $5,000 of the assistance can be used for repairs to existing homes. Extremely low, very low and low income households purchasing newly constructed homes will also be eligible for partial impact fee waivers. The amount of SHIP assistance available varies by income category. Follow the link below for detailed information including: DPA program overview, application, lender package, guidelines, etc.

Click here to go to Lake County DPA

Seminole County Down Payment Assistance Program:

Follow the link below for detailed information regarding Seminole County's housing and financial assistance programs including: DPA program overview, community service block grants, first-time homebuyers program, application links, lender package, guidelines, etc.

Click here to go to Seminole County DPA

Osceola County Down Payment Assistance Program:

S.H.I.P. Down-Payment Assistance Application period will begin TBD. In order to obtain an application for assistance, the following requirements must be met:

  • 12hr - First Time Homebuyer's Education Certificate (provided by Osceola County Extension Services)
  • Current Pre-approval Letter from one of Osceola County's Participating Lenders (no more then 60 days old) Applications can be obtained in person at the Osceola County Human Services Division, located at 108 Park Place Blvd., Kissimmee, FL 34741 or here online when available. Applications must be hand-delivered to the office with the attached requirements. Have questions? Contact us at 407-742-8400.

The Osceola County housing assistance program is designed to make affordable housing available to citizens with an income that is classified as moderate or lower. The number of moderate funding is limited to funding restrictions.

The State Housing Initiatives Partnership (S.H.I.P.) program provides funding to local governments to assist citizens to become homeowners. Eligible first-time homebuyers will receive financial assistance to help with the costs of buying a home. S.H.I.P. partners in Osceola County include lending institutions, housing developers, community based housing, service organizations and affordable housing professionals. Applications are processed on a first-come, first ready, first served basis. Maximum financial assistance is:

  • Very low income = $36,000.00
  • Low income = $26,000.00
  • Moderate = $16,000.00

Follow the link below for detailed information including: DPA program overview, application, lender package, guidelines, etc.

Click here to go to Osceola County DPA

For more information on any of the Downpayment Assistance Programs (SHIP) throughout the Central Florida area, or if you would like direct assistance in applying for a program, please complete the form below and I will contact you shortly. Or feel free to call me, Joe Bornstein, Broker/Owner, Rock Springs Realty at toll free 877-333-2811, cell# 407-252-8092, or email at

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